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The SAC exists in part to expand the science of flight through training seminars, aerobatic coaching camps, text publications and audio-visual materials.
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To maximize compatibility, most of the "single maneuver" video files are Windows Media Player (WMV). Viewing and download instructions are at the left of this page.

If necessary, download the appropriate files:

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Short demonstration videos.
Upright Spins: Inverted Spins: Unusual Spins:

Normal upright Spin; Extra 300

Accelerated Upright Spin; Extra 300

Flat Upright Spin; Extra 300

Normal Inverted spin; Extra 300

Accelerated Inverted Spin; Extra 300

Flat Inverted Spin; Extra 300

Crossover: Upright to Inverted; Extra 300

Crossover: Inverted to Upright; Extra 300

Crossover Trick; Extra 300

Conventional Aerobatics: Gyroscopics: Pattern Training:

Inside Snap Roll; Extra 300

90° Rolling Turn; Extra 300

Torque Roll; Extra 300

"Endo" Tumble; Extra 300

Knife Edge Spin; Extra 300

Approach and touchdown (QT); Extra 300

Streaming webcasts of Sunrise Aviation safety seminars

"Emergency Turn-Arounds"--(2/07)How to manage engine failure on the upwind leg (0:10)

"Traffic Patterns"--(7/07) How to survive at John Wayne and every other airport (1:00)

"Weight & Balance: The Truth About Stability"--(9/07) What you should know, and what you should forget. (1:00)

"Aerobatics--Impact on Safety"--(12/07) Essential truths taught in every basic aerobatic course (1:00)

"Q & A: Competition Aerobatics"--(1/08) Ten Sunrise aerobatic competitors field questions about the sport. Featured are Jon Nash, Bill Hill, Ty Frisby, Joshua Muncie, Gray Brandt, Debby Laslo, Ron Rapp, Mark Mettler, Kirby Dotson and Cris Williams. (1:00)

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