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IAC Chapter 36 Chapter Meeting; November 23, 2014
Early in November the Chapter 36 Board of Directors announced the second chapter-wide meeting of 2014, to be held at John Wayne airport on a Sunday morning, November 23. Originally scheduled for a small Atlantic Aviation conference room, the planned meeting was subsequently moved to a larger airport conference room (capacity 40) at the suggestion of Michael Church. Members can download the official Chapter Minutes of the meeting from the Chapter Website

What follows is an informal account of the major issues/topics discussed by the Board and attending members.

This account is not intended to relay all that occurred at the meeting. Rather, it stems from notes I took during the meeting, concentrating on issues I found most important. I also include all the items I remember that have been omitted in the official Chapter Minutes.

Following the recent resignation of Ron Rapp there are currently eight directors: Gray Brandt, Casey Erickson, Brenda Frazier, Ty Frisby, Bill Hill, Yolandi Jooste, Anthony Oshinuga, and Dick Stonehouse. All attended, along with 8 members at large (17% of chapter membership).

For the most part, the meeting discussions concentrated on the general state of the chapter and the coming board of Director (BOD) elections.

State of the Chapter
Bill Hill, Treasurer, presented a financial overview: 2014 will end with a slight positive balance. He stated the chapter has no outstanding debts. A complete expense/income record was distributed for subsequent membership review. Member Nicolaas Vlok pointed out that members had no opportunity to review or analyze the financial records, and President Jooste agreed the agenda item was not closed and that members would be able to direct future questions to the BOD.
Director Erickson presented the viewpoint that the reduction in chapter 36 flight activity and box use over the past several years matches a national trend and does not indicate a problem within the chapter itself. This point of view was opposed. Director Stonehouse gave his opinion the BOD should serve the chapter membership and that national concerns should take a back seat to that goal. Member Michael Church pointed out that a three year average of 7% attendance by chapter 36 pilots at California contests (down from 25% over the previous decade) indicates the chapter is waning as other California chapters wax stronger and more active. As the BOD considered this evaluation, discussion shifted to consideration of changes that might reverse the trend. A number of suggestions were made, but no single item was adopted as new policy, beyond acknowledgement that future BODs should do a better job of communicating with membership and soliciting suggestions and opinions.
Director Brandt announced that a Borrego WAAC bid was not submitted by IAC. He stated he had verification this decision resulted from an IAC perception of political differences within chapter 36. He provided no specifics.

Future Meetings:
The chapter by-laws call for a minimum of two annual chapter meetings. Although director Erickson stated that prior attempts to hold BBQs and practice sessions had been unsuccessful, there was general agreement that the number of meetings should be increased, and a more active schedule was urged. The next meeting is scheduled for January 10, 2015, in Borrego.

Elections: Background:
Beginning January 1, 2014, the chapter by-laws set the term of office for chapter directors to three years. Each year three director positions (of nine) will be opened for re-election. To begin this process, the procedure requires division of the current directors into three groups: the first group is slated for re-election this year, the second at the conclusion of 2015, and by default the final group at the close of 2016. Thereafter, the seats of the three directors of longest standing will automatically be made available for re-election each year.

Elections: Going Forward:
At Sunday’s meeting the BOD announced it had made its selection of the three 2014 directors whose seats will be “opened” this year: Ron Rapp, Ty Frisby, and Dick Stonehouse. A lively discussion followed, led primarily by member Nicolaas Vlok, who sought to determine the procedure that was followed in making the selection. President Jooste stated the decision dated back to April of 2014. Further questioning determined that none of the three directors so selected had known of or participated in the decision, or been informed of its results: without giving notice five other Board members (director Oshinuga also did not participate) had decided to eliminate them and prolong their own tenure. The BOD then agreed to abandon this decision and start anew. Director Frisby proposed names should be drawn at random; the BOD passed this motion and a random selection was made with the following results:
Open seats for 2015: Ty Frisby, Yolandi Jooste, and Ron Rapp (seat already vacant)
Open seats for 2016: Casey Erickson, Brenda Frazier, Anthony Oshinuga
Open seats for 2017: Gray Brandt, Bill Hill, Dick Stonehouse

According to procedures established in the by-laws, interested members can self-nominate for open seats. The BOD adopted the following schedule:
Nominations will close at midnight, December 6
Online voting will begin December 14
The polls will close at midnight, December 21
To date, three members have thrown their hats in the ring: Bill Bancroft, Nicolaas Vlok, and Michael Church.

Open Discussion/Member input:
• Michael Church relayed Pete Thompson’s request that future meetings not be scheduled on Sundays. President Jooste responded that Sunday was the only day all the directors could attend. An objection was voiced that the Board exists to serve the members, rather than the reverse. It was then generally agreed that Sundays are less desirable than Saturdays, but no motion was made or carried.
• Kevin Elizondo offered to list his experiences and observations from the five 2014 CA contests in which he flew.
• Bill Bancroft read an email from Gray Brandt and raised an objection to past hostile actions of Brandt’s. When president Jooste expressed an unwillingness to consider a “personal” issue, it was pointed out that Brandt was chapter president at the time of the cited incidents, all of which involved interaction with chapter members. The BOD agreed to consider the issue in closed deliberations. No motion was made or carried. (This item is not noted in the official minutes)
• New member Art Koral expressed dismay with the argumentative tone stirred up by the previous item. (Item not noted in official minutes)
• Nicolaas Vlok suggested elimination of closed BOD meetings; he also pushed for better cooperation and communication between Chapter 36 and Chapter 120. (Item not noted in official minutes)
• Michael Church suggested a substantial increase in the number of members invited to participate in contest management.
• Director Erickson deplored a lack of quality judging at chapter contests. Church announced chapter 120 plans to host its annual judging school in late February or early March of 2015. In response to a query from director Erickson about planned fees, Church answered they would remain unchanged and explained that the host chapter pays all associated costs: instructor travel and lodging, printing, etc. (Item not noted in official minutes)

The BOD entered into a closed session after the general meeting adjourned. No minutes have been posted for that session.


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